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Currently we have 3 servers with each offering a different Slice of Life to live


Lost Hope PVE|Trader|Hunting

The aftermath of the wars and plague have left the country in turmoil, the wild life has moved in. Moving out from the woods and joining the infected within the city. Is nowhere safe? Do you have what it takes to make a life out of this new wasteland? Come joining us where sometimes we have lost hope.


The Congregations Promised Lands PVP

Deer Isle has been left devastated in the aftermath of the infection. Experiments and testing have left the chain of islands scarred. The military up and abandoned in a rush. How will you get along with the other survivors?


Unhallowed Grounds

Unhallowed Grounds PvE/Skills/Quests/Mission/BarterTrade
Welcome to Unhallowed Grounds, a different DayZ experience. New challenges and dynamics have been added to create a depth to the survival aspect of DayZ. A skill and perk system add more to improve the quality of your character.

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